R & D Technology
R & D Innovation
The distant ambition of the mountain
——Innovation and research and development to climb the World Summit
Design of anti electric shock module
Super Lighting has first developed a kind of electric shock protection module which can intelligently identify various electric shock scenes and power off in an instant to ensure the safety of users. This technology provides the most economical product solutions for users and help customers achieve business success.
High tech and scientific research
Since 2015, Super Lighting has entered in the LED market, and committed to the research and development of key technologies. In the past five years, Super Lighting has obtained more than 1,000 patents, and established a national postdoctoral research workstation.
LED control chip scheme
With deeply insight into customer needs, through a strong technical ability, Super Lighting continues to explore solutions with better performance, and collaborates with top companies in the field of IC to design LED control scheme that bring users a better experience. While developing excellent products, continue to promote the development of IC industry and build a good ecology in the vertical field.
IPD integrated product development system
Referring to the management experience of international famous enterprises, relying on the Super Smart management platform built by SAP, the world's top enterprise software supplier, Super Lighting has established a complete R & D system based on IPD (Integrated Product Development) process, which breaks through the shackles of traditional functional departments and enables integrated management methodology to assist development and serve customers through collaborative work.
Process Technology
The tenacity of Gongpu reed
——The style of modern technology
Self developed automatic production equipment
In the field of technology, Super Lighting is committed to creating a leading manufacturing scheme that is most closely integrated with product innovation and process refinement. The core process equipment is focused on independent research and development, and has 12 automatic assembly lines. It can realize the automatic control of more than 20 strict processes, such as dividing plates, gluing, entering pipes, welding, assembly, baking head, punching needle, labeling, testing and packaging.
Necking process of glass tube
The independent developed glass tube shrinkage process is applied to the manufacture of TLED, which optimizes the product structure and makes the product appearance present an integrated high-end beauty. It is known as the ' perfect straight tube lamp ' by the industry. At the same time, it reduces the cost of packaging and logistics, and reduces the risk of damage.
Lean manufacturing and craftsman spirit
Super Lighting absorbs advanced production management experience at domestic and abroad, follows the production concept of lean manufacturing, and continuously promotes the self-improvement of technology and management processes. From the procurement of raw materials, to the production process control, to the quality control of finished products, Super Lighting’s "Intelligent" and "Quality" manufacturing throughout the story of the birth of a lamp, to explain to people the professional height of manufacturing industrial products with the standard of art.
R & D Patent
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