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Super Lighting provides better products to meet human lighting needs with advanced technology
- We develop cost-effective lighting products with subtractive design to meet people's demand for economical products-
- We use automated equipment to manufacture highly consistent lighting products to meet people's demand for high reliability-
- We produce industrial products with the attitude of creating artworks to meet people's demand for high-quality life-
R&D expenditure
TLED exports for three consecutive years
Informationalization Construction
Zhejiang Provincial Government
Quality Award Winner
Chinese National
Postdoctoral Workstation
To be the most respected lighting products supplier in the world
We firmly believe that focusing on customer (either merchant or end consumer) needs will ultimately lead our business to success
We don't pursue big or comprehensive, we pursue professional and precise. We aim to be a long-lived company with excellent reputation
Founded in 1993 by Mr. Jiang Tao, a former physics teacher, Super Lighting is a group enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-end lighting sources and products. We have multiple subsidiaries in Zhejiang China and Los Angeles USA. The Japanese subsidiary is under preparation and expected to be completed soon.

Super Lighting focuses on the high-end market in the field of lighting industry. We provide high-end lighting products for well-known companies such as Philips, GE, Osram, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc. The export volume of LED linear tubes ranks the first in China for three consecutive years. The market share in North America exceeds 30%.

Super Lighting’s R&D team adheres to the concept of openness, compatibility, independence, and disruptive innovation. We have thousands of independent and global patents in the field of LED lighting. We are a leader in the high-end market and continuously promoting the maturity of LED lighting products.

Super Lighting adheres to the business philosophy of "always pay attention to customer sentiment and build Super Lighting brand every bit", upholds the company spirit of "success is not try your best but give it your all", and practices the work style of " say what should be said, do what is said, and be effective". We continue to provide people all over the world with comfortable and intelligent LED lighting products, so everyone enjoys a high-quality life in a superior light environment.
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Development History
Be continued...
SuperSMART, an intelligent management system, was operated
Automated TLED production line was launched in the U.S.
Annual volume of TLED lamp exported the world No.1
More than 500 core patents had been obtained in the field of LED light source
The automatic TLED production line designed by ourselves , production in China
Jiaxing Super Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd was established
It had been identified as the provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center
The Tubes automatic production line was debugged successfully and put into production
The original design and improvement of T9 double bend loop pipe automatic line had been successfully put into production
Fluorescent lamps entered the Japanese market
Ring fluorescent lamp in the domestic market share first
The special-shaped lamp tube production base was built, and the product categories were expanded to ring, U-shaped, 2D, 2C, square and so on
It was renamed Zhejiang Super Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd
Was rated as five consecutive years of product quality trustworthy unit
The company's products entered the international market
Breakthrough the key technology of fluorescent lamp manufacturing equipment and process, independent research and development of production equipment, to achieve the upgrading of manual manufacturing to machine manufacturing
A major breakthrough was made in glass lamp technology
The research of machine equipment and technology of annular lamp tube was started
The annular lamp tube was in short supply in the domestic lamps and lanterns market, forming a good reputation
Established Jinyun county Zhenan electric light source co., LTD., handmade production of annular lamps
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